Greenlid is the first compostable and disposable composting bin, made entirely from recycled cardboard and made leak proof with our proprietary bio-based formulation. Greenlid 2.0 builds on our previous Greenlid compost bins and no longer requires a re-usable plastic lid. New Greenlid lid's are made out of 100% recycled moulded cardboard and are now included with each pack.


*Item Show is Retail packaged 3 Pack. 

Greenlid Compost Bin 2.0 (20 Pack)

SKU: 858143000070
  • Just fill it with your kitchen food waste and once full you can compost the entire container & lid in your backyard compost pile or place it curbside for municipal collection

    **Greenlid can be re-used several times until it reaches your yuck factor.